Baby Panda Reunites – With Mom After Month Apart

After a month apart, a baby panda had a lovely reunion with her mother. Yuan Zai, a newborn panda, was born on July 6 at Taiwan’s Taipei Zoo. She was born with an injury and had to be whisked away from her mother to a special incubator, where she was constantly monitored and cared for.

She was returned to her mother, Yuan Yuan, after a month of care.

Their caregivers took great care to reintroduce the duo cautiously and closely monitor Yuan Yuan’s reaction to the youngster. Before they opened the doors to see what Yuan Zai’s mother would do, they put her in another room.

They didn’t have to be concerned since Yuan Yuan tenderly took her cub back to her enclosure in her jaws. They stood there, waiting, while she hugged her infant, attempting to calm Yuan Zai down.

She tries a few different positions, perhaps a little nervous at first, but her maternal instincts guide her to the ideal cuddle position.


Yuan Zai started nursing her baby, much to everyone’s surprise, and after a long day of feeding and getting to know one another again, mother and daughter are fatigued and take a nap together.

To avoid becoming overtired, Yuan Yuan or her infant were kept apart at night so that they could slumber adequately. In the video below, you can see their touching reunion. Yuan Zai has grown into a healthy young panda after the video was taken.

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