Anaconda gets bad with a porcupine, 4 times animals handled the porcupine02

When it comes to the porcupine, the adage “size doesn’t matter” is very true. When an animal is young, it may appear cute and harmless, but when it is an adult, it has the guts to stand up to powerful predators. And I’m going to show you four instances where animals played with the porcupine and later regretted it using this thorny leopard as their prop. Let’s begin!

It’s difficult to believe that a simple porcupine could terrify a creature as large and powerful as the bear. However, this clip is truthful and unequivocally depicts a grizzly bear fleeing from a porcupine after being struck by it.

It is possible to see how the giant predator approaches and smells the animal before deciding to break off the relationship because the animal must not have enjoyed the smell too much. The thorns clinging to the bear’s snout are only apparent after the animal has fled as if it had seen a ghost.

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