Cobra snake is filmed being forced to regurgitate six large eggs

The ideal way to eat an egg is usually without the shell, but this greedy cobra evidently didn’t receive the memo.

Strange video from India shows the lizard regurgitating six entire eggs after gorging on seven, apparently regretting its decision.

In an unusual occurrence, a King Cobra in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj District ingested seven eggs and vomited out six of them. A video depicts the snake gulping down the eggs and immediately pulling out six of them. The incident took place in the Baldhia region, which is under the control of the Similan Tiger Reserve. Southeast Asian woods are where the species is most frequently found.

The fourth egg is regurgitated, and when it does, the cobra’s spit on the egg falls to the ground. If the video had been played backwards, the cobra’s spit should have been there before the egg was regurgitated, but it wasn’t.

When thr.ea.tened, snakes frequently vomit their food back up to avoid getting hurt or k.i.lled. The eggs were regurgitated by the snake because it had been terrified by the children and the person filming the scene.

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