Farmer Shocked When Cow Gives Birth to Two-Faced Calf

Wow. It’s wonderful that they are taking such great care of the calf to keep it alive for as long as possible. Awe!!! That poor infant! She’s adorable! She will lead a good life and be able to walk when the time comes, I am confident in that.

You watch these kinds of things, and as I’m viewing it again, I wonder if she is still alive and how long she lived. I sincerely hope she is still alive, and if so, I wish her a good life.

Although the small calf is very special, she will find the strength to keep her head up and gallop as quickly as she can to attain her goal. Everyone should pray for her, and I hope she has a long life.

It’s intriguing to learn if she can feed from both mouths, which raises the question of whether or not she can feed one calf with two heads or two calf with two bodies.

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