Incredible occasion the world’s largest sea turtle has emerged. from the water

It’s a stunning leatherback turtle that looks to have emerged from the ocean to relax on the sand at this precise time. It’s the largest marine turtle in the world.

The largest species of turtle in the world is the leatherback. They don’t have a hard shell like most turtles do; instead, their backs are covered in thick, leathery skin, hence the name.

The video below shows a leatherback turtle lounging on the beach. Leatherback turtles prefer to travel alone and only engage with other turtles while they are mating. They lay their eggs on beaches, much like other turtles, and let the young turtles find their way to the sea on their own.

While fishing off the coast of Northern California, I have seen a lot of these amazing turtles. They have orange patterns on their neck, which are difficult to discern in this video. They are capable of 1800-foot dives. Jellyfish is the main food source for these gentle giants.

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