Boaters turn their camera to the water just in time to see the biggest whale of all

Have you ever gone on an excursion to see whales? Since whales are notoriously difficult to see, only a select few cruises can promise sightings.

A stunning seaside sunset is all that many enthusiastic whale watchers bring home with them. They are a rare sight because there are only 12,000 blue whales in the ocean. Blue whales prefer to be alone themselves, away from boats and nosy humans.

Not like that whale, either! He was so focused with the great dinner of the day that he failed to see a boat full of people. One of the closest and most intimate encounters imaginable was seen by the passengers: a view of the animal’s tonsils as he approached the boat while feeding. Only a few millimeters from the edge of the boat, his enormous teeth reentered the water, splashing onlookers.

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